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Dow up 200 points. Nasdaq extends return above its 100 day moving average

Forex, video, latest March 6, 2021 1:02 am

S&P index also higher

a comments from Feds Kashkari also Bullard, seem to has given a stock market a boost.  .  a 10 also 30 year yield are inside a red now with a 10 year down -0.5 basis points also a 30 year down -3.6 basis points.  

a major indices currently show:

  • S&P index up 18.48 points or 0.49% at 3786.88
  • NASDAQ index still remains lower on a day by 2-29 points or -0.24% at 12693
  • Dow is up 200 points or 0.65% has 31128 
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For a NASDAQ index it has moved return above its 100 day moving average at 12626 area. a index has not closed below its 100 day moving average since May 2020. Both yesterday also again today, a price has dipped below that level.

Markets remain very volatile. It’s Friday also next week focus become return to a debt market with a treasury schedule to auction off 3 year, 10 year, also 30 year notes also bonds. a NASDAQ index has been particularly sensitive to interest rates as traders ponder repricing given higher rates.

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