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EUR/CHF looks for a breakout inside push to highest levels since December 2019

Forex, video, latest February 23, 2021 5:01 pm

EUR/CHF climbs to 1.0930 levels, its highest since December 2019

EUR/CHF D1 23-02
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a franc is a weakest performer on a day also while a currency itself doesn’t gather too much attention inside a major currencies space these days, it is still tough to ignore key technical developments when they do come about.

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There hasn’t been much fresh drivers for a move this besides a broader talk of reflation also improving global economic prospects amid vaccine optimism.

inside that lieu, as Adam pointed out over a weekend, there has been a developing trend inside a FX market since a start of a year. Looking at a year-to-date performance:

WCRS 23-02

a franc is sitting at a bottom of a pile alongside a yen as it perhaps starts to rediscover its funding currency status for riskier trades inside this market landscape.

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Going return to EUR/CHF, holding a firm break of a June high @ 1.0915 sets a platform for a potential shove higher towards 1.1000 next.

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