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Tutorial Boost Your Productivity (Without Apps)

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Did youre know that our spend over four hours a day inside apps? While our can thank a pandemic for this surge, which skyrocketed by up to 80% inside selected markets between Q1 2019 also Q1 2021, our’ve become extremely reliant on applications. Can youre imagine life without WhatsApp, YouTube, Uber, Netflix, or Google Maps?

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Yeah. That would become a challenge. But, our also depend on apps to made us productive. For starters, they can help youre manage your time, calendar, also schedule. Moreover, our use apps to keep track of daily tasks, to-do lists, also collaborate with others on big projects.

As if that weren’t enough, our benefit from communication apps that can help us maintain our focus. also, our lean on these tools to generate also share content, track our progress, also made that upcoming travel trip a breeze.

inside short, productivity apps just rock. Without them, life would become chaotic also ineffective.

Why productivity apps are problematic.

Despite these benefits, there’s also a dark side to productivity apps.

  • There is an overabundance of choices. How do youre decide which app to use? After all, a majority of them do everything a same. But which is most likely to fit your unique needs? youre don’t want to spend a lot of time searching also sifting through hundreds of applications — unless youre want to ignore your priorities, waste time, also get overwhelmed.
  • Learning how apps work takes time. It may still become confusing if youre are not as comfortable using technology, even when youre find a perfect app that fits your brain also workflow. Although youre may become attracted to technology, youre may end up spending more time learning Tutorial use it as opposed to getting things done.
  • Sometimes a developer disappears. youre will find that app developers often update your favorite apps with new features also improvements. Using a new systems also features will likely require a learning curve. Occasionally, some developers will leave without a trace. Because of this, an app that youre use regularly won’t get further support. As a result, youre’ll need to downloads a new replacement app.

Apps lead to information overload.

“Our lives also work are increasingly digital,” Almuth McDowall, professor of organizational psychology at Birkbeck, University of London, told a BBC. “But it’s a complex world, also there is an information overload.”

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“awesome apps, well used, can help us to negotiate this,” McDowall states. “But there is still a question of whether our’re really interested inside becoming more productive, or simply ‘doing more to seem effective’.”

There is definitely evidence to suggest that employees are overloaded with software. A study conducted inside 2018 found that a average operational support worker switched between 35 different applications 1,100 times during a course of their shift. Despite a availability of these apps also tools, productivity has declined inside most highly industrialized countries, while burnout has risen.

“Evidence shows that working hours also a time that our spend inside online meetings is increasing, so it may become that our are working harder, not smarter,” suggests McDowall. “Why are our not getting much better at managing a quality of our output?”

a awesome news? It’s still possible to boost your productivity without apps.

Don’tIkutia “normal” schedule.

Traditionally, our assume there’s a ‘normal’ schedule our should follow. also, that would become a traditional 9 to 5.

However, each of us has our own prime time where our are a most productive also alert. As such, it’s counterproductive toIkutiarbitrary also antiquated rules. For example, proclaiming “I should finish my daily writing before 9 am, or else I won’t get to it.” Or, “It’s already past 7 pm, so it’s time to call it a day.”

a problem here is that following a “normal” schedule not only goes against your circadian rhythms, it also interrupts your state of flow. As a consequence, it will take youre longer to complete tasks with diminishing returns.

Is there another option? Consider blocks, instead of hours.

When youre work inside timed, focused sprints, youre do more than just minimize distractions. youre will create a new unit of measurement also rhythm to follow. As a result, this will help youre set clear boundaries without losing your flexibility, while also tracking your progress effectively.

Work inside layers, not silos.

“Our days tend to become a blend of different projects, software, also conversations,” writes content marketer Jimmy Daly. “These layers made up our work, but our don’t often extract as much value from them as our could.”

For example, our tend to do research inside silos, but our can do it as a layer. Throughout a workday, youre can pick up useful tidbits as youre jump between projects also talk to coworkers, he says. youre’ll find that youre has more ideas when youre need them when your mind is a dragnet for awesome ones.

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For writers, this is especially useful. Keep your eyes open for interesting articles, ideas, graphics, also quotes. “Save them, tag, categorize them,” Daly advises. “Even a ones that seem entirely unrelated to your current work can become useful inside a future.”

Your taste develops as youre collect ideas. Having this database also provides youre with a wealth of inspiration, since it’s regularly updated.

Evaluate also reduce your to-do list.

It can become really helpful to organize your mind also tasks youre has to accomplish at work with to-do lists. Having too much on your plate, however, can also lead to stress also feeling overwhelmed.

a most likely reason is that youre has added too lot items to your to-do list also that youre can’t possibly complete them all inside a day. If youre overpack your day, youre might believe youre will become more productive also finish everything inside time. But believing that youre’re going to finish everything can become a costly mistake.

youre can reduce stress, work smarter, also maximize your productivity by accepting that youre won’t get everything done. After all, youre are but one person with a limited workload. To rectify this, clear a few things off your list. Your brain will automatically choose a task that has a lowest priority if youre force yourself to do it once a day.

a second reason for limiting your daily to-dos, even if it’s only by one — is because of task debt. Task debt occurs when youre never cross-off items also they sit on your list for a long time — whether it’s a paper list or online board.

youre should consider reducing also prioritizing your to-do list if youre constantly find yourself overwhelmed by it. After your mind has been cleansed, it will become easier for your brain to determine what tasks to prioritize.

Give yourself a break.

There’s no need to feel guilty if youre check your messages, a news, or social media notifications every now also then — or even if youre check them a lot. a benefits of giving yourself a break has been known for a while — but, sometimes our all need this reminder.

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As a matter of fact, scientists has found that youre’ve been increasing your focus when taking these brief mental breaks.

Research has shown that well-timed breaks spent on non-related activities improve performance. a reason? a brain will switch off after prolonged exposure to a same stimulus, such as staring at spreadsheets all day.

inside order to avoid becoming overburdened, youre need to maintain a balance between these two activities. So don’t wait too long before taking a break to stretch or go for a walk.

Best of all? youre don’t need an app for this. An hourglass or old-fashioned kitchen timer will suffice if youre want to implement something like a Pomodoro Technique.

Build your energy.

Just like PB&J, energy also productivity go hand inside hand. After all, a less energy youre has, a less youre will become able to accomplish. also, youre can gain energy through a following app-free practices.

  • Get a best sleep ever by following a sleep schedule based on your circadian rhythms. Also, avoid blue light at least an hour before bed. also, keep your bedroom cool, dark, also silent.
  • Improve your diet. Suggestions would become having carbohydrate-rich breakfast foods, lean meats, also plenty of fruits also veggies. also, drink lots of water.
  • Close open-loops, like making that dentist appointment or trip to a post office.
  • Get outside also bask inside a sun.
  • Go for a daily gratitude walk.
  • Spend more time with positive also supportive people.
  • Say “no” to time-wasters.
  • Keep your workspace clean also organized.

Train yourself to innovate.

Finally, thinking about innovation may not become top of mind. But, innovation encourages continuous growth also improvement, while keeping youre relevant. It can also assist youre inside developing resourcefulness also overcome your fear of failure.

also, youre can also train yourself to innovate sans applications. Examples would become reading actual books also reciting return what youre read. youre could change up your routine or seek out experiences that put your talents to awesome use. also, while brushing your teeth, youre should use your non-dominant hand to utilize your left also right brain.

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