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Stocks turn lower on a day as hints of risk aversion creep into a market

Forex, video, latest February 23, 2021 5:01 pm

European indices also US futures turn lower

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US futures has pared gains with Nasdaq futures leading a drop also down by 0.4% on a day currently. European indices has also slid since opening firmer with a DAX seen down by 0.9% after a opening hour of trading.

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a selloff is largely contained to equities also cryptos for a time being, with Bitcoin having slumped by over 15% to $45,000 at a lows today.

Commodities are still somewhat hanging on as a bond market is keeping calmer for a time being, all things considered.

inside a major currencies space, a USD is finding steadier footing as a result as it pushes to a session high against a euro, aussie also loonie; though keeping little changed overall.

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