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Treasury auctions highlight a US economic calendar next week

Forex, video, latest March 6, 2021 3:01 am

What’s on a economic calendar

What's on the economic calendar

I’ve covered a bond market for 15 years also I can’t remember a Treasury auction that’s as highly anticipated as next week’s.

a US is sell $58B inside 3-year notes on Tuesday also $38B inside 10s on Wednesday. a latter is a one to watch.

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Yields tracking higher also a blowout at last week’s 7-year sale has put an extra focus on 10s next week. a market become become very tentative heading into it also I suspect there become become a large concession also a nervous market. It’s easier to find buyers for 10s also rates are high, I expect demand become become awesome also it become calm nerves, but become ready for anything. Another auction like last week’s would definitely get a Fed’s attention.

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another highlights on a calendar:



  • UMich sentiment

Monday starts out very quietly with only wholesale sales on a docket.

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