Home Latest WTI crude oil futures settle at $70.29

WTI crude oil futures settle at $70.29

Forex, video, latest June 11, 2021 2:01 am

Up $0.33 or 0.47%

a price of WTI crude oil futures are selling at $70.29. That’s up $0.33 or 0.47%

Up $0.33 or 0.47%_.

a high price for a day reached $70.65. a low price extended to $68.68.

a price fell sharply after a headline saying  “US lifts sanctions on Iran individuals”.  a tumble lower, saw a price dip briefly below a 200 hour MA (green line) for a first time since May 24th. 

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Later US officials said that a section removal was for an individual, also hadnothing to do with a Iranian nuclear talks, nor was it a prelude to further sanctions being eased for a country. 

As a result a price rebounded return to a upside also is closing return above a 

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