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Augury Finance Overview, Augury Polygon Yield Farming Paying Excessive APR, 10M Marketcap & 58M inside TVL – Finance

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Howdy guys on this video I did a evaluation on Augury Finance. this’s a yield farming on Polygon also or not it is paying insane APR valid now. This project is handiest 2 weeks venerable …

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  1. I accept as true together with your review of honest farming and promoting the token. Though it might maybe maybe well furthermore very wisely be a short while earlier than you smash even on the 4% fees.I know I've talked about it earlier than, so sorry if it's getting stressful, nonetheless apeswap is inviting to polygon the next day and I in truth would bask in to hear your thoughts on it. Thanks, bask in your channel!

  2. whats that ? polycat ifo tab is showing below:⚠ IMPORTANT INFORMATION ⚠
    The extent of the IFO contract mistake used to be bigger than we understanding, a recent IFO contract did not repair all points.
    There used to be yet every other residing of numbers that weren’t checked by our lead dev and people had been ready to voice 1 OMEN for 0.3 USDC in preference to three USDC.
    Attributable to this truth the IFO contract ran out of OMEN, and this finally ends up in the “Claim” enviornment.
    The Augury Finance body of workers has minted x10 OMEN tokens and injected them into the IFO.
    You are going to safe x10 the quantity of OMEN you had been speculated to safe.
    The Augury Finance body of workers will x10 their tokenomics to care for issues easy.

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