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Dealer wanted me to attract cease a $500 pay lower!!! – Dealer

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  1. Something love this came about to with out a doubt one of my trucks remaining month. I suggested him no worries I'll internet the motive force some backhaul to terminal. A week later broker calls me help and desires me to take the load help. I suggested him no thank you I've got one other devoted route for the motive force. He increased the load by $150…I took the load help with the enlarge. These kind of brokers love to play games…no design back they have to play it'll fee them extra greenbacks to rupture my or my drivers time.

  2. It be necessary to discontinuance the work, address the stress and fee of breakdowns , and risk if one thing occurs to the load or accept in a rupture and heaps others. what breeze does a broker have? It ain’t nothing when put next with the chance now we have got

  3. discontinuance now not pull that load for 500.00 much less. allow them to internet any individual else. Jump on the load board and internet unusual freight. Why pointless head?

  4. The OP I work for is imperfect out Miami Fl he delivery the board on front of me and show me these is what hurting the industry of us taking cheat load peek at these one Miami to NJ pay 3200 and have 8 quit and driver most reduction unload wait 30 minute and let Check if quiet on hand that load used to be gone he says I will collect send you mt to GA and enhance pay charge load instead these kind of load


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