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[Profit] ITS a BULLS’ ZONE | 1.15 Lacs Profit | Stay Expiry Trading | Praful Kulkarni | Alpha Leo Capital

Vendor Video Most neatly-liked Profit : Alpha Leo Capital These consolidation are circuit!! Version division translators!profit,its,a,zone,
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Stay Alternate on 14 oct 2021

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  1. made 4k this day , I knew that bank nifty will give a broad transfer so staunch took 2 otm buys at 39100 ce and 38500 pe , then increased to 2 lots the ce one at 6 rupee per lot. And exited in 4k profit all positions went till 9k this day was as soon as tremendous . but yeah when i entered i knew i would possibly perchance lose it all so i permitted the loss even earlier than coming into.

  2. Hiya.. It's consistently tremendous to gawk you substitute n hold lern a entire lot things from you.. Thank you… Solely one request n advice. Why you are exit the gap Within the cease.. whenever you back it for the cease all things gadgets by it self.. I exhaust zero brokerage story so I don't know it is possible you’ll assign on brokerage or no longer but I mediate you ought to quiet strive that.


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