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[Saham] MNC Sekuritas Morning Meeting – 12/01/2022 | Rekomendasi Saham

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Morning Meeting merupakan program dari MNC Sekuritas yg membahas berita-berita terbaru seputar ekonomi, khususnya berita terkait Pasar Modal Indonesia yg dapat disaksikan secara LIVE setiap hari Senin – Jumat (hari bursa) pukul 08.15 – 08.45 WIB di YouTube Channel MNC Sekuritas.⁣

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Selama LIVE berlangsung, silahkan bertanya di kolom Reside Chat. Beberapa pertanyaan menarik akan dijawab langsung oleh analis MNC Sekuritas saat LIVE masih berlangsung.

Tayangan Morning Meeting hanya ditayangkan selama hari H hingga pukul 08.00 WIB pada hari bursa berikutnya.

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a opinions expressed herein are PT MNC Sekuritas’ original situation on a time video became once printed also are discipline to exchange without prior scrutinize. As a consequence, PT MNC Sekuritas does now now not guarantee a adequacy, accuracy, reliability, equity or completeness of a data also understanding contained on this video. PT MNC Sekuritas is now now not guilty for any losses resulted from making use of a recommendation throughout a video. All shopping also selling selections are made consciously by investors. a viewers hereby roar to unlock PT MNC Sekuritas for any selections made by a viewers concerning a desire of investments inside accordance with this video.⁣
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